Workplace Standards Page

Citrus World, Inc (CWI) complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding labor and employment and it expects its Members and suppliers to do so, as well.  For that reason, CWI has established a Workplace Standards Policy delineating their values and expectations, emphasizing the importance of responsible workplace practices.  These principles are outlined below:

Labor: CWI employs labor and employment practices in compliance with all applicable regulations and laws addressing, but not limited to, wages and benefits, human trafficking, child labor violations, forced labor or any other abuse of labor.

Work Environment: CWI adopts employment policies promoting a safe and secure work environment.  CWI and its associates provide a workplace prohibiting discrimination including harassment, physical or verbal abuse.  The company encourages training opportunities, opportunity for advancement where possible, as well as educational opportunities to further develop skills and talents to enable improved quality of living standards.

Business Integrity and Ethics: CWI employees are guided by corporate Core Values, which have been adopted by CWI’s Board of Directors.  CWI’s Core Values specify the ethical behavior expected of its employees.  Furthermore, CWI expects its employees to comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws.

Employee Relations: CWI provides a work environment that encourages employees to express work-related concerns without fear of reprisal.  Employees’ right to join or not to join a labor union without fear of intimidation or harassment will be respected, and CWI commits to engage in clear communication with its employees and to bargain in good faith with any certified employee representatives.

These minimum standards are a part of all agreements between CWI and its Members and suppliers. CWI will work with its Members and suppliers to assure compliance with this policy and may monitor performance via workplace assessment.