Our Practices

Citrus World, Inc. was “green” before it was popular. They have instituted recognition programs to gain involvement of all employees, and encouraged companywide initiatives to implement sustainable practices and reduce waste. They have installed energy saving devices throughout the plant. Their solar panels made their début at the Grove House in 2008 to reduce electric usage and to provide education to visitors about the benefits of solar energy. These initiatives have reduced purchased electricity at the Grove House by 30%. Their generators use natural gas and steam to power most of the plant. They have implemented employee recycling companywide by creating outlets for PET & HDPE bottles and cans. They even recycle plastic and steel drums and plastic pails used in production. Their recycling efforts have diverted more than 400 tons of waste from landfills.

They conserve water too. Most of the water used in processing citrus is recycled and placed back into the aquifer through spray fields and ponds in their conservation area. They even encourage cleanup with a broom versus water. The Florida Citrus Industry transitioned to micro jets which deliver water directly to the base of the tree which reduces the amount of water lost in evaporation.

They have lowered electric consumption in the plant by 15% from 2008 to 2010 by replacing lights in offices with low energy fluorescent lamps with sensors that turn off when room is unoccupied and gradually replacing lights in plant with high output fluorescent lamps that use half the energy. Further energy reductions were achieved by replacing aging roofs and insulation with new insulation with a higher R-rating, and replacing these roofs with “cool roof” coatings. They have also reduced natural gas consumption by 25%. Their combined efforts have reduced their carbon emissions by 30% in the last four years.

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