Involvement Page

Throughout their history, Citrus World, Inc. has been involved in various local community organizations.  Many employees volunteer their time and resources, even serving on the boards of local organizations.  This involvement continues to build positive community relations.  In 2016 alone, Citrus World, Inc. was proud to have contributed $272,100 to 90 local community organizations.  Together with donations from growers and employees that are matched up to $50,000, the Foundation is able to give 100% of the funds generated by the Foundation.

In 2008, Citrus World, Inc. founded the Florida’s Natural Growers Foundation to increase community involvement and relations.  Since its creation, the Florida’s Natural Growers Foundation has given over $1.3 Million to Central Florida’s charitable organizations in accordance with its mission of health, education, and youth.  For more information about the foundation, please contact us at [email protected] or at (863) 676-1411 ext 3537.